Brooksby and its link to surrounding villages

Brooksby is in the area of the Rutland and Melton constituency, Leicestershire County Council, the Borough of Melton and Hoby and Rotherby Parish Council (which also includes Ragdale). Strong links have existed between the four villages for many years and they share a Village Hall at Hoby and various local organisations including a Women’s Institute, a Horticultural Society and a Local History Society.

Recent archaeological excavations at the site of Brooksby Quarry have revealed human activity here over 400,000 years ago.

Brooksby Station was on the main Leicester to Melton Mowbray line, so was of considerable importance to its neighbouring villages too. The station was not only used to convey cattle  and other livestock to market but received some notable visitors to stay at Brooksby Hall. Prior to this the River Wreake was navigable for about 100 years from Melton Mowbray to Leicester but once the railway was built the canal fell into disuse and only a few sections of brick wall remain.

The station fell victim to the Beeching axe in the early 1960’s and the old station, after being used as a farm building for some years, is now a private house.

Near where the level crossing is now situated was the water mill which served the area from mediaeval times.


Brooksby station